Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence

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FCAI is a community of experts that brings together top talents in academia, industry and the public sector to solve real-life problems using both existing and novel AI. Our mission is to create AI that is data-efficient, trustworthy and ethically sustainable, and that can operate with people in an understandable manner. FCAI's research is based on top-tier expertise in machine learning. We create tools for AI-assisted decision-making, design and modeling. These solutions enable people to work together with AI in a variety of domains, from the design of materials for cleaner energy production to the design of more efficient drugs, vaccines and individualized medical treatments. Our activities span a wide spectrum of fields. We collaborate with academic, industrial and societal actors, and have high-volume strategic initiatives as well as numerous smaller-scale bottom-up projects. We also have a wide and outstandingly popular education program.
Effective start/end date01/01/202331/12/2026


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