Evidence based assessment of NWRM for sustainable water management

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EviBAN project combines application of nature-based solutions (NBS) to support sustainable management of water resources and mitigate against negative impacts of climate change, anthropogenic activities and societal change. Results are integrated from diverse case studies focusing on natural water retention measures (NWRM), including managed aquifer recharge (MAR), grey-green solutions of stormwater management, and soil aquifer treatment (SAT). The project compiles technical assessment tools of NBSs in a toolbox for adaptive water management and outreaches to wider evaluation of benefits and co-benefits using a social-ecological system perspective, which is realised as an integrated sustainability assessment. The case study in Finland focuses on engineered stormwater management solutions, with extension to geochemical modelling and assessment of solution performance under changing climate. The Finnish site complements the NBS studies in Norway, France, and South Africa.
Short titleEviBAN/Koivusalo
Effective start/end date01/04/201931/03/2022