Entrepreneurship and Population Ageing

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The aging population is one of the grand challenges in the coming decades. The need to extend the working lives of aging individuals is high on the political agenda. Late-career entrepreneurship has been raised as a promising way to promote longer careers. Building on the continuity theory of ageing, this project conducts an econometric analysis of primary longitudinal data to develop a robust understanding of the relationships between late-career entrepreneurship, quality of life, and extended careers beyond the official retirement age. In addition, a qualitative event structure analysis will be conducted to examine the path-dependency of early and midcareer events on late-career transitions to entrepreneurship and their consequences on work-life balance. Moreover, the project uses country and regional-level data to generate new knowledge on how late-career entrepreneurship can contribute to economic development and the social inclusion of late-career workers.
Short titleSA/Res. Fellow Kibler costs
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2023


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