Enhancing liveability of small shrinking cities through co-creation

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Worldwide, small, peripheral cities in structurally weak regions are shrinking due to persisting and long-term depopulation. This is resulting in marginalisation, loss of services and amenities, and loss of dignity and self-worth. As the liveability of the cities declines, the residents depend on external help and resources. Yet, people feel attached to their home place and community. The project aims to explore pathways to increase the liveability of small shrinking cities through comparative research, collaboration with local actors and development of connections between bottom-up initiatives, planning and policymaking in Finland, Russia, and Germany. By engaging with local knowledge and activism, we contribute to enhancing the dignity of communities through raising their self-respect and fostering self-determined solutions. In cooperation with local actors, the project will develop a community-led approach for stimulating context-sensitive decisions and fostering social innovations.
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Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2022


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