Energy harvesting for ICT from water evaporation

  • Tittonen, Ilkka (Principal investigator)
  • Tossi, Camilla (Project Member)
  • Hällström, Lassi (Project Member)
  • Juntunen, Taneli (Project Member)
  • Koskinen, Tomi (Project Member)
  • Singh, Aadesh (Project Member)
  • Wojnicka, Weronika (Project Member)
  • Rindell, Tom (Project Member)
  • Phan, Vivian (Project Member)
  • Lipsunen, Werner (Project Member)
  • See, Erich (Project Member)
  • Vänskä, Osmo (Project Member)

Project Details


This goal of the project is to create distributed stand-alone energy harvesters that use water vaporisation as a means to directly create electric energy using carbon-based nanostructured surfaces. The expected current is rather low but voltages are of the order of one volt. The basic microscopic description of this effect is not yet complete and deserves a thorough study through modelling and detailed experiments which we propose to conduct using methods and state-of-the art equipment that have been used for our thermoelectric materials research and for which Aalto University has made rather high investments. The final goal will be a working demonstrator that should be able to provide energy many days without any interference and for example to meteorological sensors sent into the sky (radio sondes).
Short titleWater-energy
Effective start/end date01/09/201830/08/2021