Electronic–Robotic Perturb-and-Measure Brain Scanner

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My plan is to introduce noninvasive closed-loop brain stimulation where the induced electric-field location, direction and amplitude can be changed electronically based on real-time electrophysiological and behavioral measures. This will take noninvasive neurostimulation research, diagnostics, and therapy to new levels of sophistication and efficacy. In particular, I wish to improve the accuracy, flexibility and electronic control of transcranial magnetic stimulation and the feedback technology, pushing closed-loop brain stimulation towards its ultimate limits. An automated multi-locus magnetic brain stimulator (mTMS) will be developed, allowing an algorithmically controlled connection to human brain networks and their dynamics. A key feature in the device will be electronic targeting, which can change the locus of the stimulated spot in arbitrary spatial and temporal steps without any mechanical movement of the coils. Multiple locations can be stimulated also simultaneously.
Short titleIlmoniemi Risto
Effective start/end date01/09/201728/02/2022


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