Electro- and Optomagnonics in Hybrid Metamaterials

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Excessive heating is a bottleneck for semiconductor-based information technologies. Low-power magnonic computing based on spin waves is a promising alternative. Spin waves are collective spin excitations in magnetic materials with frequencies up to terahertz and wavelengths down to nanometers. Magnonic devices can therefore operate at ultrafast speeds on the nanoscale. In E-MAGNON, I will explore new approaches for low-loss manipulation of propagating spin waves, which is essential for practical applications. The approaches rely on magnetic- and electric-field control of magnetism in ferromagnetic-ferroelectric bilayers and all-optical control of spin waves in plasmonic-magnonic hybrids. The goals of the project are relevant for the development of energy-efficient spin-wave-based technologies.
Short titleE-Magnons/Qin
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2023


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