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In order to reduce air pollution and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we must replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. This means that wind and solar power need to be used on a large scale than today. Energy storage is the bottleneck for applying these novel technologies. Batteries are an obvious choice for this purpose, but the existing devices on the market (e.g. Li-ion batteries) are too expensive for large scale deployment. In this project, novel redox flow batteries (RFBs) with solid boosters have been proposed as a potentially low-cost energy storage technology. Using solid charge storage materials in these devices, the advantages of the Li-ion batteries and RFBs can be combined. It means we can design a battery, which can store energy in large quantity at withe price. Applying these devices to the electric grid, wind turbines and solar panels could be deployed more efficiently and on a larger scale than today.
Short titleESSI
Effective start/end date08/03/201731/01/2018


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