Dynamic metasurfaces with spatial dispersion

  • Diaz Rubio, Ana (Principal investigator)
  • Mostafa, Mohamed (Project Member)

Project Details


In the last decade, metasurfaces opened new and exciting possibilities to realise properties beyond those available in natural materials. However, I identify entirely unexplored means to manipulate the electromagnetic properties of these surfaces, and I plan to investigate them in this project. More specifically, we know that by engineering shapes of the meta-atoms it is possible to couple electric and magnetic properties creating, for example, bianisotropic metasurfaces. Nevertheless, the effects produced by temporal variations of meta-atom parameters are still unknown. How time-modulation changes the phenomena of bianisotropy, and perhaps even more importantly, how such "dynamic" metasurfaces can be applied to the design of practical devices? In this project, I plan to answer these questions by studying time modulations of metasurfaces with engineered spatial dispersion, with the goal to exploit all possible degrees of freedom for controlling wave propagation.
Short titleAna Fellow costs1
Effective start/end date01/09/202030/06/2021


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