Design and self-assembly of anisotropic particles for advanced colloidal structures and materials

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Colloids refer to particles roughly one hundred times smaller than the diameter of human hair. They cannot be visualized individually by our vision, but we are eating, drinking, and utilizing them daily in life. For instance, when we wake up, we grape a cup of coffee or tea, wash our hair with shampoo, eat cheese, and drink milk. These products all involve colloids. The fundamental research related to colloids would, therefore, be of great important and highly timely. We hereby propose a research project concentrated on the construction and design of advanced colloidal structures and materials from anisotropic particles. We envisage to achieve a better understanding and manipulation of the formation of colloidal complexes and anticipate that the results from this project may boost the development of a range of applicable fields, e.g., TiO2 manufacture, E-ink, drug delivery, and etc.
Short titleBo Peng Research costs
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2022