Adhesion measurement: comparison between the water droplet and the liquid metal droplet techniques

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Wetting is a multi-scale phenomenon, where the droplets interacting with surfaces are often on a millimeter scale, but the actual interaction determining the droplet-surface interaction is at the low micrometer scale or even at the nanometer scale. This project will compare two recently developed wetting characterization methods, the scanning droplet adhesion microscopy (SDAM, from the Finnish partner) and the Galinstan drop method (GDM, from the German partner). This project will enable young researchers and scientists to expand their horizons by collaborating with partners complementing each other's expertise. Junior researchers from both sides will be trained in the use of the respective surface force measurement techniques, and they will collaborate in order to publish the results in high-quality international peer-reviewed journals.
Short titleDAAD (Mobility)
AcronymDAAD (Mobility)
Effective start/end date01/03/202328/02/2025

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