Fast Cryogenic Microwave Photon Power Metrology in Superconducting Quantum Circuits (CRYOMET)

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Quantum computing has become a core branch of research in the field of quantum technology due to recent advances in nano-scale fabrication processes. Control and manipulation of single photons of microwave frequencies represent the key features of superconducting quantum bits, the most advanced implementation of a quantum computer to date. However, broadband single microwave photon detectors remain elusive. Here, we develop a novel microwave photon power metrology platform which incorporates a novel broadband microwave photodetector and a novel microwave source. This platform solves the availability issue of a broadband single microwave photodetector, and establishes itself as a metrological tool to calibrate microwave photon sources, both classical and non-classical, down to an unprecedented attowatts level. This project will ultimately lead to quantum supercomputers that will drive the next quantum revolution, fundamentally impacting the well-being and economy of our society.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2022

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  • Cryogenic sensor enabling broad-band and traceable power measurements

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  • A low-noise on-chip coherent microwave source

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    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

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  • Pauli Blockade in Silicon Quantum Dots with Spin-Orbit Control

    Seedhouse, A. E., Tanttu, T., Leon, R. C. C., Zhao, R., Tan, K. Y., Hensen, B., Hudson, F. E., Itoh, K. M., Yoneda, J., Yang, C. H., Morello, A., Laucht, A., Coppersmith, S. N., Saraiva, A. & Dzurak, A. S., 7 Jan 2021, In: PRX Quantum. 2, 1, 12 p., 010303.

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