Contested Futures: Framing the Future of Emerging Technologies

  • Geurts, Amber (Principal investigator)

Project Details


Emerging technologies like Big Data and AI technologies and Quantum Computing provide game-changing opportunities for science, business and society. Nevertheless, accidents, unwanted consequences and premature expectations could trigger disappointment, criticism, and even withdrawal of resources, invoking technology winters that freeze their advancements. The future of an emerging technology is thus contested as it is influenced and shaped over time by various actors' changing expectations, interests, and discourses that make certain futures more likely than others. In this research project, I look at the future of emerging technologies as a sociological phenomenon in its own right. I will rely on explorative, qualitative, real time methodologies (i.e. ethnography, interviews and secondary archival data) to explore how emerging technologies advance, and what dynamic processes spur its development from margins to mainstream.
Short titleSA/Contested futures
AcronymContested Futures --- Tulevaisuus haastettuna
Effective start/end date01/09/201930/09/2022


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