Consumers and sustainable development in the marketplace: Perspectives for environmental policy and sustainable marketing

  • Markkula, Annu (Project Member)

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With the overall aim of advancing sustainable economy this postdoctoral research builds a framework to address sustainable consumption from the perspective of social and cultural practices. The research builds on and contributes to three recent discussions in social scientific environmental research, marketing and consumer behaviour. Recent social scientific environmental research provides tools for shifting attention to the challenges and opportunities of sustainable consumption from the social and cultural practices' perspective. Consumer research on consumers and citizens provides a basis for addressing the democratic and political dimensions of sustainable consumption. Marketing literature emphasises the role and contribution of marketing in advancing sustainable economy. The empirical material of the project consists of qualitative consumer interviews on sustainable consumption in clothing and food markets and related newspaper articles.
Short titleSA/Markkula Annu
Effective start/end date01/09/201231/08/2015


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