Consistency of valued preference relations for decision analytics methods

  • Brunelli, Matteo (Principal investigator)

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Making the best decision will be more and more difficult and crucial as the complexity of the world increases. Mathematical models have proven useful as decision aid methodologies, yet limited by the fact that our rationality as users is often bounded. In this context, in some decision analytics methodologies it is often important to estimate how irrational the preferences of a decision maker are. Inconsistency indices are functions mapping valued preferences of decision makers into real numbers, which are estimates for their irrationality-the greater the value, the greater the estimated irrationality. Starting from an axiomatic definition of inconsistency index, this research should study, generalize, and extend this axiomatic framework and disseminate the results of the research. In a nutshell, this research project shall push forward the mathematical foundations of rational decision making, and help experts to make better decisions.
Short titleBrunelli Matteo
Effective start/end date01/09/201431/01/2017


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