Finnish centre of excellence in computational inference research

  • Xu, Yingying (Project Member)
  • Rintanen, Jussi (Project Member)
  • Kaski, Samuel (Principal investigator)
  • Anwer, Rao (Project Member)
  • Parviainen, Pekka (Project Member)
  • Soare, Marta (Project Member)
  • Vuollekoski, Henri (Project Member)
  • Rezazadegan Tavakoli, Hamed (Project Member)
  • Peltola, Tomi (Project Member)
  • Blomstedt, Paul (Project Member)
  • Puranen, Santeri (Project Member)
  • Dutta, Ritabrata (Project Member)
  • Gebser, Martin (Project Member)
  • Mononen, Tommi (Project Member)
  • Bogaerts, Bart (Project Member)
  • Tasharrofi, Shahab (Project Member)
  • Pesonen, Henri (Project Member)
  • Weinzierl, Antonius (Project Member)
  • Yang, Zhirong (Project Member)


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Computer Science