Circular Raw Materials Research Infrastructure

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The RAMI Circular Raw Materials Research Infrastructure (RI) is hosted by Aalto, GTK and VTT. It is designed to strengthen the long-term core world leading Finland-based expertise in natural and new inorganic material research that is needed to meet the global Green Transition challenges required to combat climate change. The RI is especially important for activities related to closing the raw material loops and sustainable energy research, to increase the value of primary mining products, secondary raw materials, their processing, and sustainable use in high-performance applications. It is fundamental for education of the future experts in the field. Close collaboration with industrial stakeholders ensures the rapid transfer of research to market applications. By year 2030 our target is for RAMI to be the openly accessible, Finnish, European and global RI Hub for the circular economy and sustainability of energy materials through the infra-networks of the EIT Raw Materials and beyond.
AcronymFIRI 2023 RAMI
Effective start/end date01/01/202431/12/2027

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