Carbon Interface Connecting Living and Artificial Worlds

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The population of the European Union is ageing rapidly, which will impose a heavy burden on the health care systems. New ground-breaking diagnostic and therapeutic methods must be realized to tackle this challenge. Biological environment sets significant challenges for measurements, and biofouling has been proposed as the main reason for sensor failure in vivo. Fouling involves the passivation of the implant by proteins and lipids (and sometimes by the analyte itself) and by uncontrolled host response that results in the formation of a scar-like capsule around sensors. In this project, we will utilize the novel concept of structured carbon nanomaterial electrodes to solve the above mentioned problems and to outperform the conventional structures The project outcome will result in applications personal diagnostic devices and benefit neuroscience research.
Short titleCICLAW / Emilia Peltola
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/12/2021

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