CHARFACE- Charred surface as a durable, sustainable façade material for the future of wood construction

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The changing climate and dwindling natural resources are pushing us towards a low-carbon society also in construction sector, where heavier reliance on wooden materials is needed. Wood is a challenging material: susceptibility to moisture and photo- and biodegradation decrease service life, while repetitive maintenance operations increase life cycle costs. Surface charring of wood is a fast and simple method to increase durability. The method provides a natural, non-toxic surface with multitude of possibilities in use from facades to load-bearing features, diverse appearances, and reduced maintenance costs. The CHARFACE project thoroughly investigates the questions related to mechanical and physical properties of surface charred wood. The results of this project are important for future wood architecture, as charring is a very promising method to ensure advanced characteristics in an environmentally friendly manner, additionally providing an aesthetically pleasing surface.
Short titleCHARFACE
Effective start/end date01/09/201830/11/2022


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