Cellular factories for the valorization of biorefinery chemicals

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Biological production platforms for the manufacture of chemical products pose a highly attractive solution en route to a bioeconomy-based society. Here, environmentally benign and resource-efficient conditions are characteristic features of microbial cellular factories and the tools of modern biotechnology permit the effective fine-tuning of these green reactors. Based on the recent development of novel enzymatic modules in the Aalto group of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, we envision the design and implementation of new biosynthetic pathways that will allow to address classical synthetic strategies for the valorization of biorefinery-derived furans. Exploiting the power of interdisciplinary approaches bridging classical chemistry with the life sciences, CEVALOR will enable the creation of sustainable, fermentative manufacturing strategies towards intermediates in the production of fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and bio-derived polymer precursors from non-fossil raw materials.
Short titleCEVALOR
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2022