Call: researchers from Ukraine to Finland 2023

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This proposal focuses on experimental investigations of topological matter filled will controlled impurities. In topological materials, microscopic interactions between constituent particles are arranged so that at macroscopic scales useful properties emerge with potential applications ranging from lossless transfer of electricity to quantum computation. We will investigate to what extent are those useful properties preserved when imperfections are introduced in the microscopic structure, and whether robustness to such defects can be improved by clever engineering. We will start from ideally clean topological superfluid 3He and will insert into it nanowire-like scatterers. We will measure heat transport through the sample to find out the effect of the impurities on the state of the topological material. Our results can be generalized and put to use in the fields of quantum control and quantum materials design.
Effective start/end date15/04/202331/12/2026

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