Bringing real-life to attention (research): Towards integrative and transferrable neurocognitive model of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Managing high cognitive loads is becoming all the time more important to succeed in life at the same time when the prevalence of attention deficits is constantly increasing. However, the prevailing research of attention deficits is scattered and offers limited support for clinical purpose. In this project, we will integrate this scattered knowledge by developing transferrable cognitive measures and clarifying the basis of the clinical measures. Using data-driven analysis methods, we will characterize the links between attention deficit symptoms and their mediators, as well as cognitive and brain functions. This will be established by utilizing large-scale data collected with automatized online platform and mobile surveillance technologies developed for research purposes. This project will deepen the understanding of heterogeneous attention deficits, supports development of cost-efficient online applications for healthcare, and examines opportunities for individualized treatments.
Short titleSalmitaival Juha AT-palkka
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2024