Brave New HR? The Digitalisation of People Management

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Digitalization has become a major enabling and transformational force in changing the nature of work. Work is becoming increasingly boundaryless, virtual and flexible, not just for the knowledge intensive forerunners, but for all companies and the public sector alike. In particular, recent technological developments are reshaping the way in which firms conduct business, organize and structure activities, and manage their resources - including the most valuable one, people. While there has been much emphasis on the technological development itself, we do not know nearly enough about how digitalization will influence the way in which people management is done in firms, and what are the facilitators of and hindrances to this process. This research project examines is "the brave new HR" just hype, or will we see fundamental changes in people management practices - and if so, what are the changes, why do they happen, and to what effects?
Short titleSA/Brave New HR
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/12/2020


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