Biomaterials for Emerging Solar Technologies

  • Miettunen, Kati (Principal investigator)

Project Details


BioEST project develops novel multifunctional biomaterials for flexible emerging solar cells. Biomaterials such as cellulose are cheap, abundant, and environmentally friendly options that could be used as a basis of roll-to-roll manufacturable flexible solar cells. In BioEST, we incorporate the newest developments in the field of advanced biomaterials to battle a major lifetime limiting factor in emerging solar devices: the penetration of moisture to the cell. Furthermore, besides the new materials approaches, BioEST combines device level modeling to the experimental aging research - an approach that will leapfrog the lifetime analysis to a complete new level enabling new features such as prediction of the device lifetime.
Short titleBioEST / Miettunen AT-palkka
Effective start/end date01/09/201830/04/2020