Bio-oils based polymeric composites; value chain from syntheisis to additive manufacturing

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One of the major global challenges we face in the materials science will be the transformation from fossil petro-chemistry based polymeric materials to the sustainable, renewable and carbon-binding materials. The VALUEOPTIMAT-project offers a solution to this challenge where the materials value chain utilizes bio-based raw materials, especially plant oil derived. In addition, the value-chain will be based on the principle of merging the novel biopolymers with the emerging digital additive manufacturing. As a novel breakthrough in AM, reinforced composites manufacturing will be researched.
The concept of VALUEOPTIMAT will be of disruptive nature and have great socio-economic impacts. Thus, life cycle analysis, legal contexts and novel business models will be investigated.
In Finland, an ideal context for this research can be identified, being on the frontline of science in all the necessary disciplines and in the wide industrial production of refined bio-based oils and fats.
Short titleSTN Valuebiomat Partanen
Effective start/end date01/06/201931/08/2022