Beyond Biosynthesis: Enzymes as Catalysts in Non-natural Synthetic Transformations

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The sustainable manufacture of chemical products through the development of novel and environmentally friendly processes will be a great challenge and an essential goal to be achieved in a post-fossil society. Biological systems with their natural catalysts - the enzymes - provide excellent properties in this regard, however, there still is a wide gap between the chemists' demands and Nature's offer. One major obstacle on the way to a truly bio-based machinery for the production of high-value chemicals is the lack of particular enzymes for a number of crucial chemical transformations. This Academy project aims for the in-depth examination of enzyme activities in important, non-natural reactions. Our results will provide both the tools and the understanding to bring the achievements of more than a century of successful chemical developments into a biological environment, and will serve as a foundation for the creation of novel tailor-made biosynthetic production lines.
Short titleBeyond Biosynthesis
Effective start/end date01/09/201631/03/2021