Atomistic Thermal Engineering of Metal Oxides (ATOM-THERMOX)

Project Details


The ability to manipulate heat flows at atomic level would enable many technological revolutions in the fields of energy materials and electronics. At energy sector, the major applications of thermal engineering are related to thermal energy storage and the conversion of waste heat into electricity.

Thermoelectric energy harvesting materials can be used to convert waste heat to electrical energy. The groundwork for the project is our recent computational-experimental research related to novel hybrid oxide-organic superlattices and their thermoelectric applications.

In the proposed project, we plan to 1) develop computational methodology for studying the lattice thermal conductivity of transition metal oxides, 2) determine the optimal building blocks for thermoelectric oxide-organic superlattices, and 3) design thermally engineered metal oxides for thermoelectric applications with our collaborators.
Effective start/end date01/09/201831/08/2022