Assessing individual effects of noise exposure with repeated measures of temporary threshold shift

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Exposure to loud sounds can be harmful for hearing, but the specific effects of such noise are very individual - some can withstand a noisy sound environment for years, while others can obtain hearing impairment even in surroundings that are considered safe for hearing by current standards. Identifying those who are at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss would allow preventive actions to be taken before irreversible hearing damage is incurred. At present, however, hearing loss can be clinically diagnosed only later at a stage when there is already a marked degradation in hearing sensitivity, which cannot be recovered anymore. Thus, there is a clear need for a more sensitive measure of hearing that would indicate the acute individual response of the auditory system to noise exposure. The current study proposes a novel mobile approach for assessing this individual reaction to everyday sound environments.
Short titleMobile TTS
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2023


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