Artificial Intelligence Optimization for Production Lines Deploying Rotating Machinery

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Production processes where multiple rotors manipulate, convey and form the end product along a production line are common in several fields of industry, such as paper and metal manufacturing. The capacity of such a production line can be restricted by the rotating elements in the system. Vibrations reduce the quality of the end product and the overall profitability of production.

AI-ROT proposes a comprehensive AI enhanced optimization of production lines deploying rotating machinery. A variety of AI-based methods is applied, ranging from exact representations of knowledge to highly adaptive machine/deep learning primitives. As a result, valuable feedback for traditional engineering processes, such as design, operation and maintenance of rotating machinery, is received.

In addition, the project will integrate business data on production cost and overall product profitability for the optimization of production planning, manufacturing parameters, and maintenance operations.
Short titleAI-ROT/Viitala
Effective start/end date01/01/202131/12/2023


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