Additional Losses in Electrical Machines

  • Lehikoinen, Antti (Project Member)
  • Belahcen, Anouar (Project Member)
  • Upadhaya, Brijesh (Project Member)
  • Osemwinyen, Osaruyi (Project Member)
  • Aydin, Ugur (Project Member)
  • Balasubramanian, Aswin (Project Member)
  • Arkkio, Antero (Principal investigator)
  • Rasilo, Paavo (Project Member)
  • Nair, Devi (Project Member)
  • Shah, Sahas (Project Member)
  • Sundaria, Ravi (Project Member)
  • Singh, Deepak (Project Member)
  • Hemeida, Ahmed (Project Member)
  • Razzaq, Muhammad (Project Member)
  • Rouhi, Hassan (Project Member)


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Earth and Planetary Sciences