Self-optimizing wireless power transfer devices

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The revolution of electricity transmission is wireless power transfer (WPT), which is the transmission of electricity wirelessly. This revolution would radically change our way of living and create a completely new spectrum of electronic devices and usage behaviours, similar if not greater than the wireless revolution that radio has brought to the communication world. This project aims to solve fundamental technological barriers to make WPT devices simple and efficient. The technology innovations proposed in this project include the development of WPT devices, which will self-adjust to the optimal regime when working conditions change, a simple methodology for powering of multiple devices, and new designs to reduce potentially harmful exposure of people to strong fields. These scientific advancements will be implemented in several applications: WPT of portable electronics and medical implants and the outcome of this project will enable an entirely new category of use cases.
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/12/2022

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