AI-guided CO2 Conversion

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To mitigate climate change, we need to fully replace fossil sources as raw materials for future fuels and carbon-based products, such as plastics. As these products are still needed, we must find more sustainable carbon sources. CO2 captured from industrial sources and directly from air provides carbon and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. However, to use the carbon in CO2, it needs to be transformed into fuels and products through hydrogenation, a process that is currently inefficient, and improvements to it are slow. In AIcon we will accelerate the development of better CO2 hydrogenation technology with artificial intelligence (AI). We combine AI-guided exploration and optimization with catalysts synthesis and lab reactors to find better catalysts and optimal processing conditions for CO2 hydrogenation. Our digitized workflow enables us to speed up the technological development process and the CO2 use-case will serve as a template for knowledge transfer to other green technologies.
Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2024

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