AI-based simulation for intelligent ice navigation

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The proposal concerns two application in random porous media. Measuring material parameters, for example for fuel cells, is extremely expensive and time consuming, requiring destructive electron or x-ray tomography. We have an original idea for a new simple method for measuring involved geometrical material parameters, which requires rather deep mathematical and computational research to put it to its solid foundations. The second one concerns geothermal energy. St1 Deep Heat is piloting a new project in Espoo for heat production. One of the challenges for the project is to find effective models for the flow of the water in the rock, and then approach the problem both theoretically and computationally. The impact of a successful project would be enormous. The consumption of central heat only in Finland is about 35TWh, and the projected power of the unit in Espoo is 40MW of environmentally friendly geothermal energy. The outcome corresponds about 10% of the need in Espoo.
Short titleSIMNAV
Effective start/end date01/01/202231/12/2022


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  • System-Level Simulation of Maritime Traffic in Northern Baltic Sea

    Kulkarni, K., Li, F., Liu, C., Musharraf, M. & Kujala, P., 2022, Proceedings of the 2022 Winter Simulation Conference, WSC 2022. Feng, B., Pedrielli, G., Peng, Y., Shashaani, S., Song, E., Corlu, C. G., Lee, L. H., Chew, E. P., Roeder, T. & Lendermann, P. (eds.). IEEE, p. 1923-1934 12 p. (Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference; vol. 2022-December).

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