• Oulasvirta, Antti (Principal investigator)
  • Kunwar, Utkarsh (Project Member)
  • Israni, Mukesh (Project Member)
  • Iyer, Abhishek (Project Member)
  • Dayama, Niraj (Project Member)
  • Santala, Simo (Project Member)
  • Rastogi, Astha (Project Member)
  • Laine, Markku (Project Member)
  • Nieminen, Sami (Project Member)

Project Details


This R2B project focusses on algorithmic research for automation tools assisting in the User interface design process. DESIGN.AI is an AI-based assistant for UI designers. It revolutionizes the productivity and creativity of designers. It enables new paradigms for the fast tracking the design process along side improvement to creativity without disrupting the existing design processes and/or baseline design tools used by the UI/UX designers leading to substantially enhanced experience for all stakeholders.
Effective start/end date17/06/202130/04/2023

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