A practice perspective on the use of artificial intelligence tools in organizations

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools may radically transform work organizations. However, we still lack understanding of how the adoption of AI tools will influence various organizational practices and how organizational practices, in turn, influence the adoption of AI tools. Yet, such understanding would be crucial because the usefulness of AI tools may heavily depend on how they are actually used and integrated into organizational practices. In addition, the potential harmful side-effects of AI tools on, for example, employee well-being and social and environmental sustainability may depend on how AI tools are adopted and how they influence related organizational practices. This research project will study the use and effects of AI tools that are used in the context of (a) strategy process, (b) organizational change implementation, and (c) internal HR processes.
Short titleAI-practice/Vuori
Effective start/end date01/09/201931/08/2023


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