3D-manufacturing of novel biomaterials

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Industrial biorefineries are in great role in implementing national Bio-Economy strategy and promoting the development towards renewable resource utilization. The grand challenge in biorefining is the full utilization of biomass into high value-added products. In our 3D-Biomat project we will provide valorization pathways to overcome this gap. Our approach is to combine new generation bio-based materials with fast developing digital-based 3D-printing technologies. This includes not only advanced chemistry and materials research in biopolymer modifications, but also research on advanced 3D-manufacturing technologies and production value chains. This production route will offer revolutionary pathways for biorefining and enable novel distributed, local and small to medium scale production opportunities. In addition, by fully exploiting the resources available, the 3D-Biomat route will promote the circular bioeconomy in the future biorefineries.
Short title3D-Biomat / Seppälä
Effective start/end date01/01/201730/06/2021