Student Prize: Liminaali & Communitas (Liminality & Communitas), BA-graduation film

Prize: Award or honor granted for a specific work

Laura Rantanen (Student prize recipient), Mia Halme (Supervising professor), Pietari Koskinen (Supervising professor), Ilkka Mertsola (Supervisor), Rauno Ronkainen (Supervising professor), Anne Lakanen (Supervising professor), Tomi Rislakki (Student prize recipient), Vilja Harjamäki (Student prize recipient), Joonatan Turkki (Student prize recipient) & Mikko Asikainen (Student prize recipient)

Winner: Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Film and the Audience Award for Best Short Film - International Short Film Competition
Awarded dateJul 2019
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsFEST – New Directors/New Films Festival 2019

ID: 38960957