Student prize: ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Design Award

Prize: Invitation or ranking in competition

Anna-Mari Leppisaari (Supervisor) & Hanna Herva (Student prize recipient)

Aalto BA Fashion Student Hanna Herva was selected as a finalist in the ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Design Award. The ISKO I-SKOOLâ„¢ Denim Design Award is much more than a simple competition: it is a structured training program meant to motivate youth to learn everything they can about the art of denim and gain experience through a number of workshops and denim seminars that take place in the inspiring Creative Room, ISKO's style research lab located in Italy.
Awarded date11 Jul 2018
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsISKO company , Iskool Denim Award
Awarded at eventISKO I-SKOOL Final Awards Ceremony

ID: 30080635