Innovation Prize 1997 of the New Technology Foundation, Finland

  • Ilmoniemi, Risto (Recipient), Ruohonen, J. (Recipient), Virtanen, J. (Recipient), Kamppuri, J. (Recipient), Kähkönen, P. (Recipient) & Ollikainen, M. (Recipient)

Prize: Award or honor granted for a specific work


Multichannel magnetic brain stimulator, awarded to Risto Ilmoniemi and his research team, including Jarmo Ruohonen, Juha Virtanen, Janne Kamppuri, Pekka Kähkönen and Marko Ollikainen. The award for this first prize was worth 15000 FIM, April 14, 1997
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsNew Technology Foundation