ICEM Brian Chalmers Best Paper Award

Prize: Award or honor granted for a specific work

Marko Hinkkanen (Recipient)

Title: Sensorless Self-Commissioning of Synchronous Reluctance Motors at Standstill Authors: Marko Hinkkanen, Paolo Pescetto, Eemeli Mölsä, Seppo E. Saarakkala, Gianmario Pellegrino, and Radu Bojoi About the award: The ICEM Brian Chalmers Best Paper Award is to be presented biennially (once every even year) for up to three technical papers (in no order), for outstanding technical competence displayed in an oral paper presented at ICEM. Keynote papers are not eligible.
Awarded date7 Sep 2016
Awarded at eventInternational Conference on Electrical Machines

ID: 12057025