This is something we know about creativity, whether it is imposed as activities that gen- erate new ideas which result in innovative and valuable products or a way of living and acting in the world [1], it is still a social and systemic phenomenon, a social process emerging from dialogues, interactions and social practices shared with others. The joint research project, Co-Creative Artificial Intelligence of Music - CCREAIM, in collaboration with SOPI Research Group Aalto University and Google Brain Team (Magenta), will focus on creativity with a wider social practice approach on mutual interactions between computational technologies and human musicians. The CCREAIM project will investigate the practical implementation of AI enabling new possibilities of connecting technology to artists to open the door to say something new.
Degree of recognitionNational
Granting OrganisationsMinistry of Education and Culture, Finland


  • Co-creation
  • AI and Music
  • Artificial Intelligence

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