Bit1 Student Game Competition - Honorary Mention

  • Heiskanen, Noora (Recipient), Rantonen, Laura (Student prize recipient), Nukarinen, Jesse (Student prize recipient), Liu, Rongzhi (Student prize recipient), Jouvencel, Emeline (Student prize recipient), Sariola, Toni (Student prize recipient), Trosterud, Anna-Maija (Student prize recipient), Rossi, Joaquin (Student prize recipient), Junnila, Miikka (Supervisor) & Hämäläinen, Perttu (Supervising professor)

Prize: Invitation or ranking in competition


Bit1 is the yearly Finnish student game competition, and our student game project Purrchasers got the honorary mention.
Degree of recognitionNational

Awarded at event

Event titleBit1 Student Game Competition
LocationVirtual, Online, FinlandShow on map
Period11 May 2021


  • Games
  • Game design