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      Brett, M. (Creator), Markiewicz, C. J. (Creator), Hanke, M. (Creator), Côté, M. (Creator), Cipollini, B. (Creator), McCarthy, P. (Creator), Jarecka, D. (Creator), Cheng, C. P. (Creator), Halchenko, Y. O. (Creator), Cottaar, M. (Creator), Larson, E. (Creator), Ghosh, S. (Creator), Wassermann, D. (Creator), Gerhard, S. (Creator), Lee, G. R. (Creator), Wang, H. (Creator), Kastman, E. (Creator), Kaczmarzyk, J. (Creator), Guidotti, R. (Creator), Daniel, J. (Creator), Duek, O. (Creator), Rokem, A. (Creator), Madison, C. (Creator), Moloney, B. (Creator), Morency, F. C. (Creator), Goncalves, M. (Creator), Markello, R. (Creator), Riddell, C. (Creator), Sólon, A. (Creator), Burns, C. (Creator), Millman, J. (Creator), Gramfort, A. (Creator), Leppäkangas, J. (Creator), van den Bosch, J. J. F. (Creator), Vincent, R. D. (Creator), Braun, H. (Creator), Subramaniam, K. (Creator), Papadopoulos Orfanos, D. (Creator), Van, A. (Creator), Gorgolewski, K. J. (Creator), Raamana, P. R. (Creator), Klug, J. (Creator), Nichols, B. N. (Creator), Baker, E. M. (Creator), Hayashi, S. (Creator), Pinsard, B. (Creator), Haselgrove, C. (Creator), Hymers, M. (Creator), Esteban, O. (Creator), Koudoro, S. (Creator), Pérez-García, F. (Creator), Dockès, J. (Creator), Oosterhof, N. N. (Creator), Amirbekian, B. (Creator), Nimmo-Smith, I. (Creator), Nguyen, L. (Creator), Reddigari, S. (Creator), St-Jean, S. (Creator), Panfilov, E. (Creator), Garyfallidis, E. (Creator), Varoquaux, G. (Creator), Legarreta, J. H. (Creator), Hahn, K. S. (Creator), Waller, L. (Creator), Hinds, O. P. (Creator), Fauber, B. (Creator), Roberts, J. (Creator), Poline, J. (Creator), Stutters, J. (Creator), Jordan, K. (Creator), Cieslak, M. (Creator), Moreno, M. E. (Creator), Hrnčiar, T. (Creator), Haenel, V. (Creator), Schwartz, Y. (Creator), Baratz, Z. (Creator), Darwin, B. C. (Creator), Thirion, B. (Creator), Gauthier, C. (Creator), Solovey, I. (Creator), Gonzalez, I. (Creator), Palasubramaniam, J. (Creator), Lecher, J. (Creator), Leinweber, K. (Creator), Raktivan, K. (Creator), Calábková, M. (Creator), Fischer, P. (Creator), Gervais, P. (Creator), Gadde, S. (Creator), Ballinger, T. (Creator), Roos, T. (Creator) & Reddam, V. R. (Creator), Zenodo, 2022

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    • 3D co-registration of ultra-low-field and high-field magnetic resonance images (data)

      Guidotti, R. (Creator), Sinibaldi, R. (Creator), De Luca, C. (Creator), Conti, A. (Creator), Ilmoniemi, R. (Creator), Zevenhoven, K. (Creator), Magnelind, P. E. (Creator), Pizzella, V. (Creator), Gratta, C. D. (Creator), Romani, G. L. (Creator) & Della Penna, S. (Creator), Zenodo, 29 Jan 2018