Ossi Kaario

Senior Scientist


  1. Clean and Efficient Gas Combustion: Numerical Simulation of Simultaneous Combustion of Two Fuels

    Kaario, O., Tekgül, B., Kahila, H., Keskinen, K., Ahmad, Z., Ranta, O., Ainsalo, A. & Gadalla, M.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Other research funding

  2. FLEXe_Larmi (SHOK)

    Larmi, M., Kaario, O., Keskinen, K., Hulkkonen, T., Blomstedt, O. & Ranta, O.


    Project: Business Finland: Strategic centres for science, technology and innovation (SHOK)

  3. New Innovative SCR Injection Technology

    Larmi, M., Kaario, O., Tuononen, A., Hulkkonen, T., Blomstedt, O. & Ranta, O.


    Project: Business Finland: New business from research ideas (TUTLI)

  4. Profi5-ryhmä Larmi T21202

    Mäkelä, K., Kroyan, Y., Kaario, O. & Cheng, Q.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Competitive funding to strengthen university research profiles

  5. Sun Fuels for Transportation and Stationary Power

    Larmi, M., Kaario, O., Ranta, O., Blomstedt, O. & Cheng, Q.


    Project: Other external funding: Other foreign funding

ID: 84616