Jon Fabritius

Application Designer

Research units & titles


  • Apple, Media Factory, Onni, Photography, Groupware, IPad, Iphone, Ohjelmistot, Social media, Design, Aalto Groups, Digital Media, Facebook, Web Programming, UI, IxD, Aalto People, CSS, Stereography, UX, HTML, WWW, Web Design, Web Development, Web, Internet, Internet Culture, Silicon Valley, Web Technology, Web Studio, Collaborative software, CMS, Frontend Design, Web Apps, HTML5, Service design, Web communications, Information society, Interaction design, Aalto Forum, Tuotekehitys, Tietojärjestelmät, Software, Viestintä, User interfaces, Mobile, Ergonomics, JQuery, Software Design, Digital communication, User experience, Social networks, Online communities, PHP, Typography, ICT and digitalisation, Global business dynamics, Art and design knowledge building

ID: 60422