Hannu Hyyppä

Research Director, Professor of Practice

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

Artistic and research interests

Hannu Hyyppä is Professor (Professor of Practice) of Measuring and Modelling for the Built Environment at Aalto University and the head of Research Institute of Measuring and Modelling for the Built Environment. His research group consists of engineers of different backgrounds (civil, survey, electronic, IT), designers, culture producers, geographers and 3D artists.

The Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research (2014-2019) brought insight into topics of personal laser scanning and drones. The Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Funding Pointcloud project (2015-2021) focuses on the utilization of point clouds for 3D modelling and commercial potential in mapping forests, cities and routes, such as roads, power lines.and rivers.

Prof. Hyyppä is one of the most cited researcher in the field of laser scanning for built environment and probably the most cited Finnish civil engineering researcher with more than 500 publications, H- index Google Scholar – 40 (cited 5452),  H-index Web of Science – 23 (cited 1535).


Research expertise

Laser scanning, 3D, geoinformatics, virtuality, civil engineering and cultural applications.




  • EUE, Knowledge management, 4D, Regional Information Modeling, Infrastructure Information Modeling, Laser scanning, Data, Human research, Construction, Mobile mapping, Virtual reality

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