Freja Bäckman

Research units & titles

Artistic and research interests

The practice of Freja Bäckman is located in the fields of art, education and socio-political work. They work in different forms of groups and collaborations, not only as the preferred way of working but also as a central topic. The research is around artistic collectivity as a possible solidary, longterm form within in a project based (art) world. Interested in the notion of friendship, mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, working conditions. The work is informed by intersectional queerfeminist strategies and methods. The formats often being socially engaged, varying from workshops and discussions, to published texts, performative actions, sound and installational work. Freja Bäckman's work has recently been presented in Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Romania, Poland.  

Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Arts (Art in Context), Berlin University of the Arts,

ID: 16128011