Chiara Modanese

Research Fellow


  1. BLACK: Black silicon and defect engineering for highly efficient solar cells and modules, BLACK

    Savin, H., Laine, H., Yli-Koski, M., Vähänissi, V., Liu, Z., Haarahiltunen, A., Modanese, C., Pasanen, T., Heikkinen, I. & von Gastrow, G.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

  2. HyMet: Hybrid metrology for thin films in energy applications

    Savin, H., Modanese, C. & Heikkinen, I.


    Project: EU: Other research funding

  3. SOLARX (ERC): Riddle of light induced degradation in silicon photovoltaics

    Savin, H., Yli-Koski, M., Vähänissi, V., Laine, H., Huang, H., Inglese, A., Modanese, C., Heikkinen, I., Vahlman, H., Nampalli, N. & von Gastrow, G.


    Project: EU: ERC grants

  4. TUTL Savin: TUTL Savin

    Savin, H., Laine, H., Yli-Koski, M., Elomaa, S., Modanese, C., Pasanen, T., Repo, P., Heinonen, J. & Vahlman, H.


    Project: Business Finland: New business from research ideas (TUTLI)

ID: 1616810