Chao Peng

Doctoral Candidate


  1. CMEco: Circular Metal Ecosystem

    Aji, A., Kalliomäki, T., Seisko, S., Leikola, M., Jafari, S., Peng, C., Agarwal, V., Elomaa, H., Hamuyuni, J., Khalid, M. K., Lundström, M., Halli, P., Sinisalo, P., Wilson, B., Revitzer, H., Partinen, J. & Wang, Z.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

  2. Closing the Loop for High-added-value Materials

    Peng, C., Porvali, A., Lundström, M., Wilson, B., Aaltonen, M. & Revitzer, H.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Strategic research funding

  3. BATCIRCLE: Finland-based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals

    Lundström, M., Peng, C., Chernyaev, A., Kalliomäki, T., Liu, F., Porvali, A., Wilson, B., Khalid, M. K., Hu, F., Kivinen, V., Shukla, S., Ke, P., Wang, Z., Revitzer, H. & Angerla, H.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

  4. METYK - Metallialan Ympäristö- ja Kiertotalous

    Leikola, M., Peng, C., Porvali, A., Wilson, B., Halli, P., Elomaa, H., Lundström, M. & Aaltonen, M.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

ID: 9003239