Armi Temmes

Professor of Practice


  1. Co2mmunity: Co-producing and co-financing renewable community energy projects

    Ruggiero, S., Temmes, A. & Auvinen, K.


    Project: EU: Other research funding

  2. RECIBI: Renewal of manufacturing towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy and implications for innovation policy

    Kuisma, M. & Temmes, A.


    Project: Business Finland: Other research funding

  3. SET: Smart Energy Transition

    Temmes, A., Auvinen, K., Ruggiero, S., Järvenreuna, V., Ohrling, T. & Pyhälammi, A.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Strategic research funding

  4. Smart Energy Transition- Realizing its potential for sustainable growth for Finland's second century

    Juntunen, J., Temmes, A., Auvinen, K., Lovio, R. & Pyhälammi, A.


    Project: Academy of Finland: Strategic research funding

ID: 42789